La Clef Dubai Relocation | La Clef Dubai - Tailored Relocation Services for Expats in Dubai
La Clef Dubai is an independent service relocation company that provides support to expatriates through a wide range of services, such as finding the right home, choosing the right school for your children, supporting you in settling-down, and insuring that you belong to your new environment.
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About Us

La Clef is a relocation agency serving all new expatriates arriving in Dubai.

With more than 5 years of experience in Dubai and with the sole objective of analyzing and understanding your needs and tastes, Coraline and her team will help you to bring together and optimize the integration of your family to make this Your new home sweet home.

"My commitment: a personalised and warm approach"

Coraline, La Clef Dubai

"My goal: make your settling in and your integration in Dubai successful!"

Coraline, La Clef Dubai